Villeneuve believes Vettel reacts like a child

By on Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve believes that double world champion Sebastian Vettel still needs to mature - and that Fernando Alonso is more deserving of the 2012 title.

Villeneuve does though reckon that Vettel is an 'ace' when in favourable circumstances.

"I have no doubts: Fernando Alonso is the best, that's why I root for him", Villeneuve told Autosprint.

"Seb is super quick, but there is a difference with Fernando that emerges in case of an unfavourable situation. Alonso remains calm, cool, and rational, while Vettel most of times gets upset, angry, screams and flicks the middle finger. He reacts like a child".

"These behaviours indicate two different states of maturity but, let's be clear, Sebastian is an ace too; however, he struggles more in critical situations. He looks almost unbeatable when he leads, but if he needs to catch up he becomes vulnerable".

Villeneuve cited Vettel's drive in Abu Dhabi to back up his argument.

"For me, it has confirmed what I think about Vettel. These are facts: while recovering from the back, he first got in contact with Senna who was ahead of him and damaged his front wing. Then he lost control of his car and crashed under the safety car. A very serious error that had light consequences. As for the rest, he has shown to be super quick, but he was lucky and I'm not changing my mind: Alonso deserves the 2012 title more".

Villenueve has also praised Red Bull's technical director Adrian Newey, who worked with the Canadian during his championship winning stint at Williams.

"Many just draw him as a genius, while that's just a part of his immense power of team leader. He isn't a know-it-all who creates a winning car and pretends that anyone wins with it. In truth he is perhaps the humblest technician, the one that listens more to his drivers. The years and wins gone by haven't changed him: he never pontificates, he holds talks".

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