Vettel will not forget Ferrari's behaviour says Marko

By on Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ferrari has damaged its chances of ever luring Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull, Dr Helmut Marko claims.

It has been rumoured for some time that German Vettel, Red Bull's triple consecutive and reigning world champion, might one day consider a move to Ferrari.

But outspoken Austrian Marko said: "Sebastian has the memory of an elephant. He logs everything.

"And he will remember exactly how Ferrari behaved after the finale," he told Sport Bild.

Marko is referring to Ferrari's end-of-season suggestion that Vettel, 25, should be stripped of his latest title for overtaking illegally in Brazil late last month.

Marko claims Ferrari's charge was "below the belt", and that Vettel himself was unimpressed.

Vettel is quoted as saying: "You don't want to lose, but you still should know how to.

"You have to respect your opponent and recognise their good performances," he added.

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