Vettel strolling to early second title

By on Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sebastian Vettel will certainly win the 2011 world championship, according to the international press after the weekend's Belgian grand prix.

"Whoever thought the championship was wide open after the holiday was in all likelihood thinking again after Spa," said Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport, referring to the Red Bull driver's return to victory after McLaren and Ferrari had appeared to break his dominance in the month of July.

24-year-old German Vettel's points lead extended to 92 in Belgium, meaning he could fail to finish first or second at all of the remaining races and still be champion by November's Brazil finale.

Moreover, it is mathematically possible he will secure the championship in Singapore, just two weeks after the forthcoming Italian grand prix.

"His opponents can start packing their bags," said the German daily Bild.

The Spanish sports daily Marca added: "Vettel is like FC Barcelona -- from another world and unbeatable."

Italy's Tuttosport said: "Vettel's victory is a testament to the strength of a team that had recently lost the right path."

La Stampa also hailed Red Bull, insisting that "Vettel is good, but it's easy for him in a rocket car that always secures pole position."

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, now more than a century of points behind Vettel, said Red Bull's run of pole positions dating back to 2010 "has rarely occurred in F1".

"We need to keep fighting now but with much thought to prepare well for next season," the Spaniard told El Pais newspaper.

Test driver Marc Gene thinks Alonso will be competitive at Monza, the high speed circuit that is Ferrari's spiritual home.

"Monza and Singapore are always good for him, and in Asia and Italy it's usually warm. However, Red Bull had doubts about Spa and the result for them was a double success," he told El Mundo.

According to Martin Whitmarsh, big teams like Ferrari and McLaren cannot give up.

"If we say that we are going to free-wheel now then I don't think that is the right message. The fans deserve a stronger battle than that," he said.

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