Vettel says farewell to Red Bull

By on Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel was given a farewell ceremony from Red Bull at the team's Milton Keynes base on Tuesday.

Vettel's contract expired at the end of last week and he wasted no time in immersing himself with new team Ferrari at the weekend, including testing a 2012 model at the squad's Fiorano track.

But Vettel paid a final visit to Red Bull's factory in Milton Keynes and received parting gifts from the team with which he won four world titles - although Christian Horner confirmed that he would not yet receive his present of a Formula 1 car as "we don't want it turning up in Maranello."

"The last six years have been incredible," Vettel said.

"What we've achieved, the work that's gone in. So much passion, so much dedication. It will always stay in my heart. Big, big thank you to everyone. In the end we had the better car because we were the better team. Thank you really doesn't really describe enough what I feel."

"There's a lot of happy memories from this place that I'm holding onto. It's been a great journey and I've very grateful for what all of you did for me. I'll shut up now!"

Vettel also received a 50 per cent scale model bull with his championship laurels engraved on the plinth.

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