Vettel retains lead but urges focus on tyres

By on Sunday, May 12, 2013

Red Bull/Getty Images

The Spanish Grand Prix proved to be a challenging race for Red Bull as they struggled with their tyres and experienced a lack of pace throughout the race.

Both Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber intended to stop three times but switched to a four stop strategy.

Vettel urged his team to focus on getting the tyres in tune with the RB9 as he retains a slim championship lead over Kimi Raikkonen.

"I think we can be happy with fourth today. The first three cars were a little bit too fast for us and regarding looking after the tyres, they did a better job," Vettel said. "We need to catch up; we’re not going the pace of the car, we’re going the pace of the tyres and obviously we do something to make the tyres wear more. We got some good points today, although of course we wanted more."

Webber recovered from a tardy start but nonetheless admitted Red Bull struggled.

""We were struggling for the range and a bit of pace today, to be honest. I think we got the most out of what we had, particularly as by the first
corner I was probably 14th or 15th, so to come back with that result was pretty good."

"We managed to get back in to the scheme of things, but we were always a little bit on the back foot in terms of tyre wear and ultimately pace. If you don’t have the pace, then you can’t have the magic strategy. I was happy with how I drove and we got some points, but it wasn’t the result we wanted," Webber added.

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