Vettel relieved to avoid huge accident

By on Sunday, June 8, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel expressed his relief that he was able to avoid a last lap accident involving Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa.

Vettel had just passed Perez under braking for the chicane and Massa tried to follow suit approaching the first corner but misjudged the gap and collided with Perez.

Both drivers suffered heavy impacts into the barriers, with Massa narrowly missing the RB10 of Vettel.

Vettel went on to finish in third place to claim his second podium of the season.

"From lap 20 onwards until a few laps to go basically my race was over, I couldn’t get past Nico [Hulkenberg] until the end, no way to get past for us down the straights, the Merceded [was] too quick and we had to defend behind."

"I was asking to do something with the strategy but they have a better view on the pit wall. But we couldn’t do something and I lost a position to Daniel [Ricciardo].

"At the end obviously I was lucky to capitalise on Pérez’s brake problem, I finally made the move stick but I think even [with] DRS open and his DRS closed he was gaining as I pulled out of the slipstream.

"I got past him and I saw they [Perez and Massa] were very close, I saw something white coming in the mirror, [at the] last second I reacted and turned right, Felipe was flying past, kind of surreal and quite lucky he didn’t hit me."

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