Vettel: Radio messages got silly

By on Sunday, July 6, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel has admitted that radio messages during the British Grand Prix 'got silly' as he battled for fifth place with Fernando Alonso.

Alonso passed Vettel around the outside of Copse but the German was soon glued to the back of the Ferrari and Alonso spent several laps defending, with Vettel complaining about his rival's tactics.

Both drivers also vented their frustration with the other allegedly repeatedly exceeding track limits.

"It felt very close with Fernando – maybe a bit too close," he said.

"It got a bit silly when we both started to complain about the other going off track; I don’t think the people care too much if the car is a little bit to the left or the right.

"I got the message that I should respect the limits and that he was complaining, so I was doing the same thing. I’m not sure who won the list keeping. I think twice it was maybe a bit too harsh into turn six, but it was good to get the move at the end. I expected to get third today, the pace was there but the strategy wasn’t right."

Vettel went on to finish in fifth position but as a result of Valtteri Bottas's podium finish he slipped to sixth in the standings.

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