Vettel prevails in 'incredible' race

By on Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sebastian Vettel has said that the Brazilian Grand Prix was 'incredible' after winning a third world title.

"It was an incredible race. They tried everything to make it difficult for us today," said Vettel.

"Inside the car when you get turned around in Turn 4 for no reason, it's not the most comfortable feeling. I was quite lucky that nobody hit me from that point onwards."

"I think it was the toughest, but we kept believing and remained ourselves. A lot of people tried to use dirty tricks, certain things that from our point of view that were beyond the limit and we never got irritated or distracted by that. We gave a big push to the end."

"I think we have proven today that we like wet conditions as much as dry conditions, in that case today it even helped us a little. After 10 or 20 laps I was back in fourth or fifth, right behind Fernando."

"Fortunately the front wing was intact, but in the dry conditions there was no pace. Really difficult. How do you try and keep calm? You just push and push and make a comeback".

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