Vettel opts for new exhaust layout in Bahrain

By on Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sebastien Vettel © Red Bull/GEPA

FIA - After experiments with an older exhaust layout in China failed to deliver, Sebastian Vettel is to run the configuration team-mate Mark Webber raced to fourth in Shanghai when he takes to the track in Bahrain this weekend.

In Shanghai, Vettel claimed the old package felt better balanced and opted to use it in qualifying and in the race in China. But, after slumping to 11th on the grid and battling though a tough race to a fifth-place finish, the defending champion will return to the newer spec layout at the Sakhir circuit this weekend.

“It’s something we decided together, we believe it’s the best solution and that’s why it’s on the car [here]. This is the better direction to go in,” explained Vettel. “It was good for us to do a back-to-back [test of the exhausts],” he added. “When we introduced it in testing we didn’t have the best two days at the end of testing, so I think this was a fair test.”

The champion warned, however, that the switch back to the layout raced to fourth by Webber in China would not yield instant results. “I felt a bit happier in China, so for here, well, we only have one weekend in between and it’s a bit change for myself so we’ll see how we get on,” he said. “We can’t expect miracles with only a week between races. Hopefully we’ll do a step forward in qualifying, which seems to be a little bit our weakness. In terms of race pace I think we’re not that far off.

“We seem to be better in the race than in qualifying,” he added. “But it’s not as if we need to find the right qualifying set up and then happy days. We need to improve the car as a whole. So we’ll see where we are this weekend. We have a bit of time after that again, with the test in Mugello, and we can try different stuff there, so I think the next weeks will be crucial in determining which way we are going.

"But as I have said many times I believe the potential is there, the car is quick, and once we start putting everything together I think we will feel a bit more comfortable. Then, we should be in a much better position in qualifying and in the race."

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