Vettel not panicking over eighth place

By on Saturday, August 22, 2015
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel says that an error at the Bus Stop chicane cost him a likely third place during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Vettel will line up from only eighth on the grid, albeit having set a time only three-tenths of a second down on third-placed Valtteri Bottas.

"It’s very simple: in Q2 we were third and it was very tight if you look at the lap times," he said.

"In Q3 I was having the same pace, unfortunately I was not able to improve like others, also lost some time at the last corner, and that’s why we’re not in front.

"But I don’t think there’s a reason to panic. For sure we’re not happy, I lost two or maybe three tenths, but tomorrow we should have a decent pace and pretty good straightline speed to turn things around.

"We have a good car and a strong package for the race. There’s a lot to be done tomorrow, it’s a long race, the starting and first turn will be interesting and there could be some rain at some point. There’s nothing wrong so we’re expecting progress."

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