Vettel laments tyre situation

By on Friday, November 22, 2013
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel was left to lament the tyre situation that left him missing parts of practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Vettel completed only 27 laps across the two 90 minute sessions in order to preserve wet weather tyres.

The German was also left to rue the wet conditions, as they prevented teams trialling Pirelli's 2014 development tyres.

"We knew it would be wet today and might be tricky," he said.

"The main loss from the rain was that we didn’t run on the 2014 tyres. Not many people went out this afternoon in order to save tyres for the weekend - it’s a bit of a shame for those in the grandstands, but unfortunately it’s like this."

"Come Saturday and Sunday, we may need to have the tyres available. It was good to get a bit of a base line in these conditions; we need to be sharp for the next two days and make the right calls."

Vettel ended the day in second place, with team-mate Mark Webber in third.

"We were working on understanding the tyres in both conditions today, we had the full wet and intermediate tyres on the car and we did quite a few laps considering most people only used one set of intermediate tyres," said Webber.

"It was a productive day in preparation for tomorrow, as we expect some more wet conditions. We have to understand the inters on both long and short runs and also try to save tyres, so it was a testing day for the teams, but overall we got what we could out of the day."

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