Vettel labels Kvyat approach 'completely unnecessary'

By on Sunday, May 1, 2016
Williams Martini Racing

Williams Martini Racing

Sebastian Vettel has criticised Red Bull rival Daniil Kvyat for a "completely unnecessary" approach after he was eliminated on the opening lap in Russia.

Vettel was struck from behind by Kvyat under braking for Turn 2, which sent the Ferrari driver into the side of Daniel Ricciardo, who in turn clipped Force India's Sergio Perez.

Vettel recovered to negotiate Turn 3 but was hit once more by Kvyat, with the impact resulting in the Ferrari driver being pitched into the barriers and retirement.

"I was going into second corner, I was already attacking and approaching fifth place, but it doesn't help when people behind don't brake," he rued.

"What Kvyat did was completely unnecessary. I had a massive hit from behind, then another big hit in Turn 3 and that finished my race.

"As far as I know, the race is 53 laps, but not everybody seems to remember.

"I don't dislike him [Kvyat], but I think he did a mistake two weeks ago, he made a mistake today but it doesn't help me now."

Vettel slipped to fifth in the championship, 67 points adrift of Mercedes' Nico Rosberg.

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