Vettel: It isn't just us complaining about tyres

By on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Red Bull/Getty Images

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel says that it is not just his Red Bull team that is complaining about Pirelli's 2013 spec tyres.

Red Bull leads both championships, having claimed two victories this season, but co-owner Dietrich Mateschitz complained that Formula 1 was no longer about racing following the Spanish Grand Prix.

Comments from senior Red Bull figures led to retaliations from other leading outfits, most notably Ferrari and Lotus.

But Vettel insists that other teams and drivers are frustrated with the state of the tyres.

"It is because [if you have the choice of] quoting Red Bull or quoting Marussia, you guys prefer to quote Red Bull. So it looks like we are complaining."

"I hear the drivers' voices in the meetings we have together. Even if you pinpoint Lotus and say they have the best car for these tyres and these conditions, still their drivers complain."

"They have the same problem as us, just to a lesser extent. That doesn't mean no-one else is complaining."

"The sport has changed a lot, the racing has changed a lot, and when it really comes to looking after the tyres and struggling with the tyres then it is not racing in the respect that we knew. If you compare some overtaking in the past to now, waving people past to save tyres and do your own race as fast as you can, that's not the idea of racing."

Rival Fernando Alonso nonetheless implied that Red Bull has simply had it too easy.

"Some of these competitors claim they have a super car but the last three pole positions were for another car when the tyres are new."

"When you win too easily for some years, it's difficult to lose some races," added the Spaniard.

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