Vettel hits back over Abu Dhabi swearing

By on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Red Bull/Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel has hit back at those criticising him and Kimi Raikkonen after swearing on the podium in Abu Dhabi.

Vettel and Raikkonen both used expletives when answering questions posed by David Coulthard, with the FIA subsequently deeming the use of language unacceptable.

But the reigning champion thinks the incident has been blown out of proportion.

"I think if you are sensitive then you should watch some kids' programme. You have the remote control in your hand. It was not intentional in the last race", he said.

Coulthard immediately apologised with Vettel issuing a personal apology on his website following the race.

"It was unnecessary to create such a big fuss," added Vettel.

"But anyway, if I said some things that were not appropriate then I apologise. But there is not a lot I have to do differently to succeed in that regard".

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