Vettel: Ferrari realistic despite victory

By on Thursday, April 9, 2015
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel says Ferrari is remaining realistic despite ending its victory drought at the Malaysian Grand Prix last month.

Vettel beat both Mercedes drivers to the chequered flag but remains adamant that Ferrari must first establish itself as Mercedes' primary challenger before it can battle with its rivals on a regular basis.

"I think we are realistic about where we are and what we want to achieve," Vettel said.

"I think the targets haven’t changed. Obviously it was a great victory we had in Malaysia and great for us as a team, and especially for myself a very emotional day – my first win with Ferrari.

"For the next races nothing has changed: we want to confirm that we have a strong package, we have a strong car and we want to make sure that we stay ahead of the people we stayed of in the last couple of races, but knowing that obviously Mercedes is in a very, very strong position."

Vettel maintains Ferrari's pace in Malaysia was real - rather than being overly influenced by circumstances - but is wary that Mercedes will fight back strongly.

"I think it was for real two weeks ago," he said. "I don’t think Mercedes backed off and everyone else. It was obviously nice for us to see that we were so competitive but I think there were also a couple of circumstances coming together but most important we managed to capitalise and get a very good result and win the race.

"But for here and for the next races, I think in general [at] the start of the season, things can be up and down. We want to make sure that there is quite a lot of up, not so many downs but it’s normal that some races you are more competitive than others, so I think, as I said, that we managed to do a very good job in Malaysia but for here and for the next races we have to be realistic about what we want to achieve."

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