Vettel: Ferrari 'full of winning people'

By on Thursday, June 16, 2016
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel has dismissed suggestions that Ferrari has forgotten how to win races, amid Red Bull and Mercedes' supremacy at the head of the standings across the past few years.

Ferrari has only won 15 races since its most recent Constructors' title in 2008, compared to 51 for Red Bull and 42 for Mercedes, and squandered opportunities to win in Australia and Canada.

However, Vettel has staunchly defended Ferrari amid accusations that it is not as confident dealing with being at the front of the pack when the chance arises.

"Obviously I joined the team last year and I think it’s a very strong team and I think in the end the mentality is responsible for the fact whether you win or not," he said.

"Ultimately, obviously, every day you can chose one hundred different reasons. First of all, if you’re competitive enough or not, usually that’s one of the main reasons but in terms of mentality, I see a team full of winning people.

"I think there’s definitely the desire to win from everyone involved.

"This is also one of the things that makes me very confident that we will start winning sooner or later. "

Vettel believes that Ferrari is still learning as a team, just as he continues to evolve as a driver.

"We can be stronger, so there’s stuff that we can learn and will always have to learn but I haven’t seen a winner yet – a winning team or a winning person – that has learned all the lessons in life or everything there is to learn and in this regard we’re complete," he explained.

"I think naturally if you look at our sport, the way it’s changing, evolving etc, there’s always things that you can learn as a team.

"There’s definitely things you can learn as a driver, how to drive the car so, I think this never stops but I think it’s the mentality that is most responsible for whether you make it or not."

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