Vettel and Red Bull's championship scenarios

By on Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sebastien Vettel. Photo credit: Red Bull GEPA

(Written by mnmracer)

While everyone expects Sebastian Vettel to wrap up the championship in Japan this weekend, Red Bull can actually also take home the constructors' championship from the land of the ricing sun. These are the scenario's in which both championships can be decided:

Sebastian Vettel and the world drivers' championship
In order for Vettel not to become the youngest two-time world champion of Formula One in history in Japan, there is only one scenario: Vettel needs to finish 11th or lower, AND Jenson Button needs to win the race. 1 point for Vettel, and/or less than 25 points for Button, means the championship is officially decided.

If Sebastian Vettel clinches the title in Japan, he will be the 6th driver in history to become world champion Formula One in Suzuka, after Nelso Piquet (1987), Ayrton Senna (1988, 1990, 1991), Alain Prost (1989), Damon Hill (1996), Hakkinen (1998, 1999) and Michael Schumacher (2000, 2003).

Red Bull and the world constructors' championship
Red Bull (491 points) currently has a 138 point advantage over McLaren (353) in the constructors' championship. With four races to go after the Japanese Grand Prix, there are no more than 172 points left to score for a team. For Red Bull to win the constructors' championship in Japan, they need to score 34 points more than McLaren.

For that to happen, there are only six possible scenario's:
* If Red Bull finish 1st and 2nd (43 points),
...McLaren must not finish higher than 6th and 10th, or 7th and 9th.
* If Red Bull finish 1st and 3rd (40 points),
...McLaren must not finish higher than 8th and 9th, or 9th and 10th.
* If Red Bull finish 1st and 4th (37 points),
...McLaren must not finish higher than 9th and 10th.
* If Red Bull finish 1st and 5th (35 points), McLaren must not finish higher than 10th.

If Red Bull clinches the constructors' title in Japan, they will be the 5th team in history to become Formula One world constructors' champion in Suzuka, after McLaren (1990, 1998), Benetton (1995), Williams (1997) and Ferrari (1999, 2003).

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