Vettel admits Ferrari 'a bit behind'

By on Saturday, July 9, 2016
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel has conceded that Ferrari is a "bit behind" as he struggled to sixth position during qualifying for the British Grand Prix.

Ferrari has been overhauled by rivals Red Bull at Silverstone and Vettel saved a wild moment at Stowe during Q3 to record sixth place.

However, Vettel will drop to 11th place on the grid due to a penalty for changing his gearbox, the third time he has been affected by such a sanction this season.

"On this track it seems we are a bit behind, I think we have done good steps in the past, but probably not enough, also compared to other people, so I think there's a lot of catching up for us to do," he said.

"We need to make the car quicker, to put more downforce in it, make it more efficient at the same time, and add a bit of power.

"Replacing the gearbox is something we have to accept, and we did accept it going into the session."

Kimi Raikkonen endured a scruffy Q2 session before he eventually wound up fifth in Q3.

"Fifth and sixth is not what we want, we are not happy with where we finished today, but this is the best we could achieve," he said.

"We know our limits on this track and where we struggle, the circuit layout and the conditions don't make it very easy for us and we are a bit stuck with the things we can do."

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