Vettel accepts blame for lost podium chance

By on Sunday, May 29, 2016
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel was left to rue a missed opportunity for the podium places as he finished the Monaco Grand Prix in fourth position.

Vettel switched from Full Wet tyres to Intermediates early on but filtered back on track behind Williams' Felipe Massa, who he was unable to overhaul.

Force India kept Sergio Perez out on track and when the Mexican made his pit stop, he emerged ahead of Vettel, with their positions maintained across the remainder of the race.

"It was a difficult race, I think I could have done better when I stopped and I came out behind Felipe," he said.

"We made the right strategy call but then I should have found the way to get past, I think I lost the podium there.

"When I was behind him I was in the Intermediates tyres, it was very slippery, very easy to get it wrong, but I feel I should have made it possible.

"Yesterday we didn't do a good job in not putting the car in the place where we belong, yet I think we were very quick this weekend, the pit-stops were fantastic, a great job from the guys.

"But the rest is up to me and I apologise because I couldn't get to the podium."

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