Verstappen hits back at Massa comments

By on Thursday, June 4, 2015
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Toro Rosso rookie Max Verstappen hit back at Williams' Felipe Massa following the Brazilian's comments that Verstappen was 'dangerous' in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Verstappen collided with Lotus rival Romain Grosjean in Monaco, leading Massa to label Verstappen's driving as dangerous.

Massa reiterated his comments during the press conference for the Canadian Grand Prix, leading to a terse response from Verstappen, comparing his collision to Massa's contact with Sergio Perez in 2014.

"Well, everybody can have their opinion, that’s the first thing but I looked at my data, I didn’t brake any later," said Verstappen.

"I have braked later in the race before that but on the lap I crashed, it was exactly the same lap as the lap before and I got my penalty. I’m focusing on Canada right now and maybe you should review the race from last year and see what happened there."

A flustered Massa was queried on the collision in 2014 and asked to compare that contact with Verstappen and Grosjean's accident two weeks ago.

"I think it was a little bit different, no? I was on the side and he [Perez] moved the car on braking so... I don’t think Grosjean moved the car on braking, no? But he was before the braking as well, here, what’s happened," said Massa.

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