Verstappen happy with point after 'tough' race

By on Sunday, November 15, 2015
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen was pleased to collect a further point after he rounded out the top 10 at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Verstappen was in the thick of the midfield battle, the highlight coming when he went around the outside of Force India rival Sergio Perez at the Senna S.

"That was my only chance, we were lacking top speed, Checo was struggling with tyres," he said.

"I had a good exit from the last corner, tried around the outside and we gave each other enough room and it was fair.

"We didn’t have straight line speed and it was all about the last corner and every time I had [to have] a good exit compared to the guy in front.

"It was a very tough race, I was attacking but behind [me] they were attacking me, I was pushing all the race and to come away with one point was the maximum."

Team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr. started from the pit lane after his car stopped on the reconnaissance lap, but he managed only four corners before retiring in the race.

"I went to do the first practice start and the engine suddenly turned itself off," he said.

"We pushed back, starting from the pit lane but as soon as I left the pits the engine lost power and broke itself, it was like in the karting days when the engine goes it locks the tyres completely."

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