Vergne, Perez critical of tyre performance

By on Friday, May 9, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Jean-Eric Vergne and Sergio Perez have criticised the performance of the tyres at this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix.

Tyre supplier Pirelli has brought the two hardest compounds to deal with the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but both Vergne and Perez believe that the drivers need more grip.

"I think it is pretty poor," Vergne said when asked about tyre performance. "You look at the GP2 times – I was talking earlier with Jules [Bianchi] and he would have been sixth in GP2 qualifying…come on."

Vergne emphasised that he did not blame Pirelli for the problems.

"No not Pirelli, but we’d like to have more grip," he said. "We’re sliding and losing the tyres so it’s not ideal for the long run. We have a hard compound and I think it’s a bad choice, it’s what I have and what I think."

Perez on the other hand believes that Pirelli needs to be more aggressive or Formula 1 risks holding boring races.

"The problem is that Pirelli is not helping us to help us to push to enjoy more of the driving," he said. "We have a lack of downforce on the car ourselves, but Pirelli is bringing very hard compounds and I think they were a bit worried about the front graining.

"When you look at the difference with the GP2 cars and ourselves it is a little bit embarrassing that the GP2 cars are so close to us. Pirelli needs to be more aggressive on their compounds. You will see that on Sunday everyone will follow each other and it is going to be a very boring race. It is not good for the sport."

Vergne has also been given a 10 place grid penalty for the race after his wheel detached during practice two.

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