Van der Garde pinning hopes on wet weather

By on Monday, September 30, 2013
Caterham F1 Team

Caterham F1 Team

Giedo van der Garde says that wet weather will provide Caterham with their best chance of achieving a good result before the end of the season.

Van der Garde used unpredictable weather to his advantage in Monaco and Belgium, when he managed to progress through to the second part of qualifying.

"If it rains this year then it’ll definitely be very interesting," he said ahead of the Korean Grand Prix.

"Our car likes the wet and two of my highlights this year have been on tracks where it’s been going from wet to dry, so it would be good if we could have some more unpredictable weather (even though the boys doing the pack up on Sunday probably wouldn’t agree with me on that!)."

The Dutchman reckons that his experience from running in first practice in 2012 will aid his progress at the Yeongam circuit.

"Korea’s another track where I ran in FP1 in 2012, completing 19 laps which was enough to find my way around and be able to start pushing," he said. "Even though the tyres are different this year, that experience, as I had quite a few tracks last year, is particularly valuable now as it means I’m on it right from the start of FP1 and every lap counts in getting the setup right for the weekend."

"From inside the cockpit the Korea track is a pretty typical modern F1 circuit. There’s the long straight out of T2 where you need good straight-line speed and then it’s a bit stop/start through turns three, four, five and six, and then you’re into the high speed section up to the heavy braking zone at turn 10."

"It’s pretty bumpy through that whole section and in the early stages of FP1 there’s little grip around the whole track, but it quickly builds up over the weekend so you can start really pushing through there from quite early on."

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