Valencia wants earlier F1 calendar slot

By on Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jun.28 (GMM) Organisers of the European grand prix would like an earlier date on formula one calendars of the future.

The streets of the Spanish port city Valencia hosted last weekend's race, the ninth round of the original 2011 schedule and the fourth in Europe.

City mayor Rita Barbera told the EFE news agency that an earlier date would be "an improvement" for the future in terms of being attractive to "avid" F1 fans.

"We are talking about changing dates," she said, admitting it would be an "advantage" for Valencia over other European events.

Sunday's race was criticised for being processional, but Barbera insisted Ecclestone is willing "to bet on Valencia being an important capital of Europe" in the future.

"It (F1) is spectacular in terms of boosting the economy through tourism," she said.

80-year-old F1 chief executive Ecclestone was however seen leaving Valencia 20 laps into the race on Sunday.

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