'Upset' Kvyat searching for answers after Q1 exit

By on Saturday, July 30, 2016
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat says he is at a loss to explain his recent sub-par form as he was eliminated from the first knockout session at the German Grand Prix.

Kvyat was half a second adrift of team-mate Carlos Sainz Jr. in Q1 and was left in 19th place, though will be promoted to 18th after Romain Grosjean's penalty.

Kvyat has scored only two points since his return to Toro Rosso, compared to the 26 amassed by Sainz Jr., and is hoping for an upturn in form.

"I’m disappointed, I didn’t drive well in today’s qualifying session and my last lap wasn’t good enough to get through to Q2 – I lost my references, made some mistakes and just couldn’t put a good lap together," he said.

"We looked promising yesterday, but today when it really mattered we were just not there.

"I’m upset and I’m not at my usual level, that’s for sure – we all go through some periods where we don’t feel good in the car and that’s where I am now.

"I just need to have a bit of a better understanding of what’s going on around me and try and come to some conclusions in order to feel confident in the car again.

"It’s a tough task to get back to my level, but I’m young and I’m sure we will find some answers soon."

Sainz Jr. qualified in 13th spot but will be demoted to 16th due to a penalty for impeding Felipe Massa during Q2.

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