Twitter savvy Alonso wants fewer races

By on Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fernando Alonso believes that the Formula One season should not be so long.

2012 featured twenty races, with the calendar stretching from testing in February to the finale at the end of November.

"Last year we had the last Grand Prix at the end of November and almost right up to Christmas, there were events I had to take part in," he said.

"There’s almost only the end of year holiday when one can have a break and I’ll try to fit in a few more days between now and Melbourne to recharge my batteries."

The 2013 season is set to feature nineteen events after the loss of the European Grand Prix, although that figure could rise in 2014 with the addition of New Jersey and Sochi, in Russia.

"Twenty races is a lot and it’s not easy to maintain a maximum performance level, both physical and mental, for the whole year. Maybe it would be better to have one or two fewer races and a few more test sessions."

Ferrari has been pushing for the re-introduction of testing for some time, with team principal Stefano Domenicali also in favour of a return to testing.

Alonso also explained why he uses social networking site Twitter, a practice that fellow world champions Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen do not engage in.

"Since I started using Twitter, I am the one who says what I am doing," he said.

"Before, it could be said that I was spending my holiday with elephants or that I was having dinner with Obama, but now for example, I can be the one to say that I was in Italy, skiing on New Year’s day before going to Russia and from there to Brazil to take part in the kart race organised by Felipe".

"Tweeting means I can be in direct contact with my fans, to help them discover aspects of my job that they would never get to know otherwise. Of course, I can’t say everything because in Formula 1, a lot of information has to remain confidential, but I think it is still a fun and useful tool."

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