Trulli: Pirellis need developing, rules confusing

By on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jarno Trulli has said that Pirelli's tyres are not up to scratch as the new F1 season approaches nearer

"I think something is still missing in the development, because the tyres aren't balanced yet," Trulli was quoted as saying by Autosprint magazine.

"I think this is the biggest problem to face at the moment. Pirelli says that this is what the FIA asked them to do, to have tyres that wear quickly, but I don't think this is the problem.

"In my opinion tyre wear is secondary compared to the tyre's balance problems, because at the moment you get on the track with a new tyre that initially is understeering, and after three laps the behaviour is the opposite, that is impossible oversteering."

The Italian driver also added that he was sceptical of the new-for-2011 moveable rear wing working

"Are we sure there will be more overtaking, as many people say? I'd wait for the first races to really understand how everything works.

"I have no opinion yet simply because I haven't had the chance to test it all in race conditions yet. Let's wait for the first race, then we'll see whether it's a positive new thing, or if it's something we could have done without."

Trulli was also dissolutioned with the constant rule changes.

"I strongly believe that Formula 1 changes too often," he said. "My opinion is clear: there should be a discussion with all involved parties for one year, or even two if necessary, and then introduce a set of regulations that may well be revolutionary, but with many years of stability.

"Each change is a cost for the teams, and if the top teams can afford investments in the short term too, for the other teams it's a financial drain. Another thing I want to highlight is that every change is a cost for the big audiences, the ones that watch on Sundays.

"A spectator can't always be chasing the changing regulations, like refuelling, number of pit stops, F-duct and KERS. Can a spectator get passionate about KERS? People at home want to understand, and if we carry on changing the regulations every year we are just creating confusion."

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