Trio left to rue Turn 2 collision

By on Sunday, May 1, 2016
Pirelli Media

Pirelli Media

Esteban Gutierrez, Nico Hulkenberg and Rio Haryanto were left to lament a collision on the first lap which left the latter pair eliminated from the Russian Grand Prix.

Gutierrez hit the back of Hulkenberg under braking at Turn 2, resulting in the Force India driver spinning into the path of the helpless Rio Haryanto.

Hulkenberg and Haryanto were eliminated on the spot, while Gutierrez was penalised for the incident and eventually trailed home in 17th place.

"I arrived at the first corner with a lot of space in front and I braked but, unfortunately, I couldn’t stop the car and I ran into Nico," admitted Gutierrez. "It’s a shame not only for me but for him, as well."

It marked the second successive sesion in which Hulkenberg was eliminated on the opening lap at the Sochi Autodrom.

"I got to Turn 2 and felt a big shove from behind: Esteban out-braked himself, hit me and spun me around" he said.

"I was hit by other cars and the damage was too much to even attempt to continue. It’s very disappointing."

Haryanto was forced to retire for the second time in four races.

"I managed to gain a couple of places, however when I got to Turn 2 there were lots of cars fighting and the Force India of Hulkenberg spinning but I had nowhere to go," he explained.

"There was contact on the side of the car and quite a bit of damage, which meant I had to stop the car."

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