Todt: I am not a dictator

By on Monday, October 22, 2012

FIA president Jean Todt has insisted that his role as president should not be dictatorial.

The Frenchman has been in charge of the FIA since 2009 and his predecessor, Max Mosley, told The F1 Show on Friday that Todt needs to be more confrontational.

"For me, the FIA must have a bigger impact, not erosion", Todt told The Financial Times.

"I'm not a dictator trying to control. The contribution and the role of the FIA has to be protected, to be respected. The FIA is a non-profit organisation, but we need to run our organisation. We need to encourage the development of the sport, we need to encourage development of action for road safety. We cannot be a federation without having any revenue. So where do we find our revenues?"

Todt admitted that there may be more financial saving measures in the future.

"It makes me smile when I read that we are going to lose control. I will never allow things which are under our responsibility to be dealt with by anybody else. Sometimes it's a downside of F1. People live in their little environment, in their little kingdom, and they don't see what is happening".

"But the world is changing. We must be ambassadors of the sport, ambassadors of the industry. I will expect more drastic proposals to reduce the costs".

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