The season so far: a poem

By on Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whilst the F1 community enjoys their summer break, here's a poetical look back at the season so far...

So the season begun

Under hot Aussie sun

As Bahrain said ‘okay, we concede’

Vettel dominated

Webber’s pace was stagnated

For the German, 56 laps, he did lead.

And on to Round Two

Where the heat gets to you

And the fast turns, the Red Bull, they do suit.

Four stops the way to go,

Whilst Petrov flew like a crow

But young Seb gave his rivals the boot.

China hosted a stunner,

Passes galore – there’s another!

And Lewis became the second winner

But in Istanbul

DRS became the fool

Whilst Vettel ate his rivals for dinner.

A return to sunny Spain

Saw upgrades used in vain

As Vettel crossed the line first once more

But Lewis was near

Right up on young Seb’s rear

And the season was far from a bore.

The principality beckoned

And lots of pundits reckoned

That Lewis would emerge with the win

But Perez’s big crash

Saw his dreams hit the trash

And on Sunday he made quite a din

For Vettel, Jens and Ferni

Surely pleased good ol’Bernie

As they battled for the lucrative prize

But Lew hit rivals out

And from his mouth he did spout

Some words which were quite ill-advised.


In North America the rain,

Caused some red flags again

As a lengthy wait did ensue

When at last rain abaited

Button flew, and then waited

As Seb, a last lap slip, he would rue.

Valencia’s streets in Spain

Caused spectators some pain

As all 24 cars they did finish.

But up front there was Seb

Then Alonso, then Web

And title hopes of others did diminish.

At a refreshed Silverstone,

Team bosses did moan

At the changes to technical rules.

The rain played its part

As Brits cheered from their heart

And were treated to various duels.

But Jenson’s tyre was loose,

Lewis was running out of juice

And the home crowd’s hopes did fade

Vettel hit problems at his stop

Elevating Nando to the top

And Ferrari’s orders of victory he obeyed.

A cold day at the Ring

Saw Seb and the old King

Spin off on the damp at Turn Ten

It was Nando v Lew

And Webber also flew

But for Lewis, he won at last again.

Hungary was quite cold,

Jenson was yet again bold

With an early change to slicks not in doubt

Lewis spun when it rained

But wily Jenson remained

Calm and won – 200, not out!

So the season has been

One of the best we’ve seen

Despite domination, though that’s nothing new

There are still eight to go

In this extraordinary show

Until it sadly goes behind pay-per-view.

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