The most profitable teams of 2011

By on Saturday, December 31, 2011

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BusinessBook GP has published a report evaluating the return on investment of each F1 team that scored points during the 2011 season. The report calculates the ratio of the team's total budget to the number of points scored.

The last three teams in the standings, which are Team Lotus (with a budget of 72.7M€), Virgin Racing (49.3M€) and HRT (39M€), were not included in the report because they did not score a single point in 2011. Apart from these three teams, Williams experienced one of its worst seasons ever, spending the most amount of money per point - 19 million euros. Williams scored a total of five points in 2011.

At the other end of the scale however, Red Bull was the most profitable team according to this report, only spending 244,077 euros for each point, while McLaren is second with 330,986 euros per point and Ferrari third with 532,000 euros per point. The Italian team has the largest budget among all the teams.

Ranking the profitability of the F1 teams in 2011:

Red Bull Racing: 244,077 €/point
McLaren: 330,986 €/point
Ferrari: 532,000 €/point
Mercedes GP: 1 M€/point
Force India: 1.34 M€/point
Sauber: 1.61 M€/point
LRGP: 1.68 M€/point
Toro Rosso: 1.97 M€/point
Williams: 19.1 M€/point

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