The most glamourous locations of F1

By on Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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Formula One happens to be of the most popular motor sports and in fact sports in the world. With glamorous locations, millionaires a plenty and fast cars, it sure is one of the most stylish too. But which locations in the F1 calendar are the most luxurious?

We run through the top races in the calendar in no particular order:


The Monaco Grand Prix is considered to be one of the most prestigious events in F1’s history and its circuit certainly compliments that. The Circuit de Monaco ventures round the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine as the track weaves between buildings, including many exclusive hotels with two chicanes surrounding a luxurious swimming pool complex.

La Condamine is home to the famous harbour. The gorgeous harbour is used as a viewing point, mainly by the rich and famous, but also by ‘commoners’ on cruises. Monaco’s basking sunshine, famous casinos and millionaire inhabitants make for a prestigious circuit.

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one circuit that can rival the glitz and the glam of Monaco, the track is situated on Yas Island, a mere half hour from Abu Dhabi. The track passes the glorious Yas Marina making the circuit the perfect sightseeing venture as the marina includes a theme park, a water park with several swanky hotels and sandy beaches. The track also travels through the iconic Yas Vicery Abu Dhabi Hotel. The hotel boasts a futuristic design and is of architectural and engineering significance adding to the awe of the track which the winds pass the sand dunes.


The British Grand Prix is currently held at Silverstone in the heart of Nottinghamshire. In 2010 the race was given a revamp as a new “Arena” layout was introduced. And whilst the British track may not be considered glamourous in comparison with its Abu Dhabi and Monaco counterparts, it is certainly a destination of beauty.

The UK is home to miles and miles of alluring countryside with a host of lush green fields as well as some awe-inspiring architecture. The track is certainly for historians as Brooklands was heavily damaged during World War II and there was choice to abandon the circuit, disused airfields were then used as a foundation for the tracks and Silverstone was born.


Since 2012, the United States Grand Prix has been held at the Circuit of the Americas in Elroy, Texas and the track is definitely one worth seeing. The Grand Plaza is a 20-acre space which borders the circuit and much like Monaco, it flaunts a large pool as well as a lawn and range of landscape zones. The plaza also features a promenade which features retail and restroom facilities.

The main landmark of the track is arguably the 230-foot observation tower which allows for a 360-degree panorama of the circuit. Unique to the Circuit of the Americas is a large amphitheatre which accommodates 14,000 people, 5,240 of those seats permanently reserved making the track not only a world-class sports venue but an excellent music scene. The likes of Kanye West, KISS, Drake and Kelly Clarkson have all performed there only adding to the prestige of the track.

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