The F1Zone Awards 2011

By on Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We know who the best driver is, who the best team is and what the best race was. But what about some odd events from 2011. Here's a satirical reflection of the year

Best comedy act: Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, for managing to collide several times in the same season

Best ginger moustache: Sebastian Vettel

Biggest flight: Vitaly Petrov for his moment in the Malaysian Grand Prix. It was just when he was beginning to convince us that he was actually a good driver as well.

Most awkward PR event: Sebastian Vettel going sheep shearing. A little harsh on the champion perhaps, as Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo hosted a barbeque on the beach…

The Ralf Schumacher award for general hopelessness: Whoever put the kerbs down at the Singapore Grand Prix. They were alright for the first three years, yet they failed this time. It delayed practice by half an hour, then they were ripped up again and then eventually they were taken away and replaced by paint meant to look like kerbs.

Most idiotic moment: Hungarian Grand Prix. It seems that race control doesn’t mind throwing the safety car when there’s some drizzle in the air, but exploding cars? Just avoid them. Insane. Then the recovery truck almost took out Vettel.

Best slide: HRT drivers may slide into, through and out of every corner, but the most spectacular slide was either Timo Glock going sideways out of a wet Eau Rouge, or Sebastian Vettel sliding through the Ascari chicane at Monza

Best meltdown: Lewis Hamilton, Monaco. Calls Schumacher a dirty driver, moans about the stewards, moans about the pit crew and refers to ‘some f**ker [Alguersuari] hit my freaking rear wing’. That was just during the race. Then came the post-race rant…

'I'm Team Lotus, and so is my wife...' Photo credit: Team Lotus

Best row: Lotus and Lotus arguing over who should use the Lotus name. Lotus took Lotus to court and Lotus won. Lotus was allowed to continue using the Lotus name while Lotus sulked about not having exclusive use to the Lotus name. Lotus then renamed for 2012. Lotus is now the team that they raced against several years ago. Simple.

Most overambitious driver: Tonio Liuzzi, Monza. Overtook 12 cars before Turn 1. Shouldn’t have tried a 13th.

Best Beatle recognition: Eddie Jordan. Two of them still alive, Paul McCartney next to him and he calls him ‘George’. Superb.

Award for not hitting an apex: Felipe Massa. Last hit one somewhen in 2008. Then he finally found a kerb in India and broke his suspension on it. Twice.

The ‘Mike Coughlan Award for Photocopying’: Ferrari. Tried a front wing similar to Red Bull’s in India and Abu Dhabi. Didn’t work.

Best impersonation of a Finnish racing driver: Sebastian Vettel expressing how Kimi Raikkonen felt about his comeback at the Autosport awards. Heikki Kovalainen tried all year to impersonate a Finnish racing driver to his credit.

Award for driver support: Toro Rosso. Not only did Helmut Marko rip into Jaime Alguersuari into Korea for holding up Vettel, but both Buemi and Alguersuari were consistently on the end of some pretty disappointing comments. Then they improved and helped the team finish 7th. The reward was getting sacked 11 days before Christmas when most seats were taken. They may have been taken to F1 by Red Bull, but they deserved some better treatment in terms of how they were disposed of.

Anonymity: Jarno Trulli. The only noticeable aspect of the Italian’s season was when he was replaced by Karun Chandhok. Or when he was saying something about the power steering.

Weatherman: Mike Gascoyne. If he stopped acting as the Met Office’s F1 representative every weekend, Caterham might improve.

Pointless controversy: Red Bull team orders. A massive furore was created for no reason. People took to the Internet to moan about how Christian Horner was a hypocrite, that Vettel wasn’t a team player etc. Blindly missing the point that team orders are now legal.

The ‘Oh God what are you wearing’ award: Usually won by Michael Schumacher, but this season is the turn of McLaren. Their ‘you design the overalls’ competition resulted in some truly hideous race suits. The ‘highlight’ was Abu Dhabi…

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