Technical: Mercedes W06 rear wing

By on Friday, February 27, 2015
Mercedes' W05 vs the W06

Mercedes' W05 vs the W06

Reigning Constructors' Champions Mercedes introduced a new rear wing to its W06 Hybrid at the second pre-season test, the design of which retained a similar layout to its predecessor, the W05 Hybrid, although the aim is of course to make the overall structure more efficient.

You'll note that where the team had previously used two support pylons (yellow, left), there is now only a singular inverted Y-Lon (yellow, right), providing additional rigidity. This design change has also led to the team reducing the aligned slot gap separators (yellow) to singular element to match the pylon change. The top flap which previously featured two V grooves, for drag reduction, has also been altered, reducing the V grooves to a larger, singular item.

The rear wing end plates have also seen a small revision, with the serrations extruded upward, in order to further maximise the upwash effect they're generating.

Mercedes used perhaps the most outwardly complex Y100 winglet (Monkey Seat) on the grid in 2014, with the exception of the specification used in Monza. It is a surprise therefore to see the team using a similar specification to that throughout the test (Green).

- Technical analysis by Matt Somerfield

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