Teams reluctant to expand over 20 races

By on Saturday, July 27, 2013
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Several Formula 1 team principals have voiced their concern about the possibility of the sport hosting more than 20 races per season.

Next year's calendar could feature as many as 22 races, although there remain concerns about the viability of several events, including the proposed American Grand Prix, as well as current races in Germany, India and Korea.

"Any more than 20 would be very difficult for a small team to service," said Marussia team principal John Booth. "We would start drifting into the area of having to have back-up crews, to rotate staff – and that obviously becomes very expensive."

"I think there is a consensus about doing 20 races; anything more and you need to ramp-up the organisation. So, let’s stick to 20 – I think it’s a good number," added Mercedes's Toto Wolff.

Williams's deputy team principal Claire Williams agrees, "20 races for any team is a lot of races for team personnel to have to go to and manage. To make it any greater than that would be, as John said, a significant difference for everybody."

With rumours circulating about the future of the Indian Grand Prix - as well as next year's Russian Grand Prix being handed a provisional date in late October - Booth confirmed that there had been a meeting about the race.

"It was a private meeting so it’s not for public discussion," he said. "As far as I’m aware, the Indian Grand Prix is on the schedule and we’ll be going."

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