Teams must agree to Bahrain calendar reshuffle - Mosley

By on Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jun.7 (GMM) The FIA will have broken its own rules if the Bahrain grand prix goes ahead in October without the teams' consent.

That is the claim of the governing body's former president Max Mosley, as the intrigue surrounding the rescheduled race in the troubled island Kingdom deepens this week.

Last Friday, the FIA - now led by Jean Todt - stunned the F1 world by announcing October 30 as the new date for the 2011 Bahrain grand prix, shunting India to an unprecedentedly-late December 11 season finale.

But Mosley told BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Tuesday that he thinks there is not "the slightest chance" the change will ultimately stick.

Indeed, Bernie Ecclestone is now pushing for a new vote of the World Motor Sport Council, while the F1 teams FOTA group is understood to have written a letter to the sport's authorities asking for the same.

Mosley, also opposed to Bahrain on political grounds, said: "Apart from anything else you cannot change the calendar in the way it has been proposed without the unanimous agreement of the teams.

"So until written agreement of the teams is forthcoming, you can't actually change the date. It can't be done," he said.

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