Teams angry as FIA pushes ahead with exhaust ban

By on Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jun.12 (GMM) Red Bull and Renault are angry after it emerged in Canada the FIA is pressing ahead with its clampdown on off-throttle exhaust blowing.

It had earlier been reported that the governing body might be wavering due to some teams weakening their opposition to the technology, and engine manufacturers revealing they are worried the ban will affect reliability.

But FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting has written to the teams in Montreal confirming that there will be limits on the innovations applying from next month's British grand prix, and a total ban in 2012.

Whiting will discuss his plans with the teams at the technical working group meeting next week.

"Unless the teams can show a definite major problem with the approach that means it's not feasible, it will go ahead," Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn told the BBC.

Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo quoted Red Bull technical boss Adrian Newey as admitting he is angry.

"I agree with rule changes in the middle of a championship for good reason, like safety," he said. "But this is not the case. It's absurd."

FIA president Jean Todt said last week he is resolute because sophisticated 'hot' exhaust blowing is a "needless waste of fuel".

Said Eric Boullier, whose team is like Red Bull powered by the Renault engine: "We designed our car for this principle and already last year it was being used by some teams.

"We passed the technical inspection at the beginning of the championship. To give it up now would probably compromise our ability to achieve good results this year," added the Renault team boss.

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