Team Lotus become Caterham F1

By on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Caterham's new team logo

Team Lotus have changed their name to Caterham F1 as of today, as guessed on twitter as per their email addresses changing to This comes with a new branding and the name of the 2012 challenger CT01-#1 which will launch in February.

The team will continue to race under the green and yellow that they have run for the past two seasons as Lotus Racing and then Team Lotus. The Team Lotus name did not come without come hassle for the team with Group lotus contesting the ownership of the company which in the end went to court and Team lotus won but we believe that they took a cash settlement to buy the name off the team.

The Lotus name will continue in the sport under the ownership of group lotus and Lotus Renault GP will continue under the name of Lotus F1, (subject to change) they will continue to race under the black and gold livery that they ran in 2011.

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