Sutil believes podium is inching closer

By on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adrian Sutil believes Force India can continue its strong run of form at this weekend's British Grand Prix.

Force India currently sit in fifth place in the world championship.

Sutil also reckons it is not inconceivable that he can finish on the podium in the near future.

"Seven races, very different circuits, but for us the results were similar. The car was strong everywhere and it can also be here. I would say top six," he said.

"We were so close to the podium many times. There was always a fourth or fifth position - in this area - and if one car is messing up in front of us, we are on the podium already,” he added. "So it’s there. We just have to be more consistent in this area and then a day will come when everything go right for us and we will be on this podium.”

Talking about his comeback to Formula One this season the German driver told that he is pleased with his results so far but admitted some races could have been better. “I did some mistakes, the team did some mistakes during pit stops but in seven races I scored points three times.”

“With only two test days before the season I thought it’s going be a little bit more difficult. In a way I would say it was an OK start,” said Sutil.

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