Strategy Group blocks Marussia's 2014 car request

By on Friday, February 6, 2015
Marussia F1 Team

Marussia F1 Team

Marussia's chances of returning to Formula 1 have been dealt a blow after Formula 1's Strategy Group rejected the team's request to use its 2014 car this year.

Marussia entered administration last October but had been provisionally informed that its 2014 machine would be permitted this year, if it could secure a return to the grid.

But the squad's request did not receive unanimous approval during a meeting of Formula 1's Strategy Group on Thursday.

On account of placing ninth in last year's Constructors' Championship, Marussia was entitled to a larger share of the prize money, though they would only receive it if they competed n 2015.

If Marussia do not make the grid, that prize money would be shared among the existing teams.

"They wanted to come in with last year's car and it didn't get accepted." Bernie Ecclestone told The Independent. "It needed all the teams to agree and there were three or four of them that didn't agree.

"The money that they should have got gets distributed amongst the teams that are racing. That's a pretty good reason I suppose. Maybe the other teams would have liked to use last year's car. The trouble was that you can't do these things for one team, you have got to do it for everybody."

Marussia could still miss the first three races of the campaign and make a return in Bahrain, if they can make necessary changes to comply to the 2015 regulations.

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