Stewards defend controversial decisions

By on Monday, December 10, 2012

The FIA's Garry Connelly has defended some decisions made by stewards across the 2012 season.

Speaking to AUTO magazine, Connelly explained that the stewards have information that is unavailable to the majority of viewers.

"It’s a big responsibility but one that’s become a lot less of a burden simply because of the technology now at our disposal," he said.

"We have a wealth of data, that most people won’t be aware we have access to. First of all, we have all the video feeds — the pictures that have gone to air; the vision captured by FOM [Formula One Management] but which hasn’t been put to air; the closed circuit cameras around the track, and all the onboard material as well."

The footage available across the circuit is backed up by data that is supplied to Race Control.

"We have GPS tracking, which shows where cars are at any given time. We also have access to all the team radio transmissions, which are very important as they allow us to know if a team has warned a driver that he’s about to impede another car and whether a driver has ignored that information," he added.

"Finally, as of this summer, we can now obtain real-time telemetry from the cars. That’s really useful as we can overlay telemetry information from an incident with data from previous laps, so we can tell if a driver has done something like failing to back of under yellow lags.

"Linking all this together you can come up with a complete picture of what’s going on. You have a mass of information that isn’t available to the public or the teams. That’s why decisions are sometimes taken that people have trouble understanding, but they simply don’t have all the information the stewards do".

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