Stepped noses and Double DRS out for 2013

By on Thursday, September 27, 2012

The introduction of stepped noses in Formula One at the start of 2012 shocked many but it appears that they could be on their way out ahead of the 2013 season.

The FIA released the 2013 technical regulations and stated that a 'modesty panel' can be used to smooth the transition between the low nose and the high chassis at the front of the car. The new rules will not affect the car’s aerodynamics or impact-protection properties.

Article 3.7.9 of the regulations states that 'an optional, single piece, non-structural fairing of prescribed laminate (whose precise lay-up may be found in the Appendix to the regulations) which may not be more than 625mm above the reference plane at any point.'

The Double DRS device, pioneered by Mercedes and copied by many of their rivals, is also outlawed.

The moveable rear wing 'cannot be used to change the geometry of any duct, either directly or indirectly, other than the change to the distance between adjacent sections permitted by Article 3.10.2.'

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