Spygate's Coughlan now in NASCAR - report

By on Friday, April 1, 2011

Apr.1 (GMM) F1 'spygate' conspirator Mike Coughlan has re-emerged in the world of American NASCAR racing.

The Canadian website auto123.com reports that the Briton, formerly McLaren's chief designer, is now working for the North Carolina-based Michael Waltrip Racing.

In 2007, he was sacked by McLaren following accusations he received a dossier of information stolen by Ferrari's Nigel Stepney.

He is reportedly now Michael Waltrip Racing's director of vehicle design, after helping to design an armoured vehicle called Ocelot.

"I came from an environment (F1) where I drew a new car every year and I had a great time. There was no chance that there'd be a new vehicle every year with the Ocelot," said Coughlan.

Already at Michael Waltrip Racing was McLaren's former head of race operations Steve Hallam.

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