Singapore confirms removal of sling chicane

By on Thursday, September 12, 2013

2012 Singapore Grand Prix - SaturdayOrganisers of the Singapore Grand Prix have confirmed that the Marina Bay Street Circuit has been modified ahead of next weekend's event.

The 'Singapore Sling' chicane has been replaced by a single apex left hander.

The modified corner is estimated to be 40km/h faster than the previous chicane.

"Working in the simulator. New Turn 10 in Singapore this year, without the chicane of before. The lap is around one second faster," said Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

An extra layer of Tech-Pro barriers will be added to the run-off in order to improve safety.

Other changes to the circuit ahead of this year’s race include some minor resurfacing work, which is a result of use by daily traffic.

The sections affected include the first three turns, Turn 5, Turn 8, and Esplanade Drive [between Turns 13 and 14].

The pit lane has also been resurfaced as some ground settlement was observed.

This year's race takes place on September 22nd.

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