Sepang considering Formula 1 future

By on Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Sepang is considering its future on the Formula 1 calendar after organisers were given the go-ahead to negotiate a new contract.

Sepang has played host to Formula 1 in Malaysia since 1999 but the current contract expires next season.

"We have been given the green light from the government to begin negotiation with Formula 1 management, so we are doing that right now," Sepang's chief executive officer Dato' Razlan Razali told

"Of course there are a lot of factors involved: Price is one, other ongoing issues are important for us, such as where Formula 1 is heading in the next five years.

"Then we have the impending issues on the sound, the technicalities, because there are lot of calls for Formula 1 to be a spectacle and to bring back the noise.

"So we have all these factors to consider if we want to extend beyond 2015."


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