Schumacher: We have taken a clear step forward and already achieved a few highlights

By on Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo credit: Mercedes AMG F1

Despite being only 12th in Championship Standings Michael Schumacher is pleased with Mercedes improvements in the first half of the season. He believes the team have made progress even if the points he gained in 10 races might actually prove the contrary. Although 27 of his 29 points were gained in the last three races where the german driver manage to finish twice on 7th and also grab his first podium finish since his comeback.

“The race in Hungary is the last before the summer break and also marks the beginning of the second half of the season - which means it time for a half-time analysis. As so often in life, this is, in my opinion, a question of perspective: if we only look at the points standings, it doesn't seem so good; but if you look a bit deeper, and at certain results, then the overall picture is much better. We have taken a clear step forward and already achieved a few highlights”, said Schumacher.

Having started the German GP in third position after a strong performance in a wet qualifying session, the former champ is now excited to racing at Hungaroring, a track where he holds the record of the most wins (1994, 1998, 2001, 2004): “I'm looking forward to this weekend's race because I really enjoy the Hungarian Grand Prix. It's a circuit where the drivers are always busy around the lap, it's really demanding, and there are barely any opportunities to catch your breath. Let's wait and see what we can achieve here, before the team heads off for a well-earned break.”

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