Schumacher: ROC Extraordinary Event

By on Thursday, April 28, 2011

Michael speaks about the Race of Champions which is held in Frankfurt at the beginning of December

It will be home advantage for Germany again at this year’s Race Of Champions in Frankfurt. It served you well last year as you won the ROC Nations Cup for the fourth time in a row…

Indeed, it’s like sailing’s America’s Cup where the winners can choose where they want the final to go! For us being in Frankfurt in our home country is obviously very important. We very much look forward to being there on December 3 and 4 and throwing some beautiful cars around the circuit.

How much of a thrill does it give you to throw those cars around in front of your home fans?

You have this very quick boost of excitement. It’s basically a two-minute event that you go through, say, ten times over a weekend. It’s a special unknown circumstance because the track develops and the cars are different. As for the atmosphere, you’re so close to the fans that you can physically hear them even though the engines are noisy. You get a lot more emotions and sensations from that. So it’s this combination that makes it very special. There’s no big preparation, you have a party in the evening, just have fun with your mates and enjoy driving exotic cars.

Speaking on behalf of every other country in the ROC Nations Cup, you have Sebastian Vettel as a team-mate again, so Team Germany aren’t leaving the others much chance?

Indeed it’s a very strong line-up but we really look forward to the challenge that we’ve been given down the years. If you remember it wasn’t that straightforward last year, it needed the best of three in the final.
And I’m sure that some other nations
will build up enthusiasm and lots of motivation to finally beat us.

You’ve been involved in the Race Of Champions for a few years but you have yet to become the individual ‘Champion of Champions’?

Unfortunately that usually takes place on the last day, and because we’ve been winning the ROC Nations Cup we have a good time and a good party, so I guess I’m not completely fresh for Sunday. I’ll make sure I work on that this year.

You’ll go to bed at 9 o’clock on the Saturday evening?

We’ll find out…

We hope you have a good time and that it’s a thrilling weekend for everyone…

Absolutely. I very much look forward to having lots of support. Last year it was a great atmosphere and I’m sure it will be even better in Frankfurt this year. We need lots ofcheering and lots of crossed fingers so please all come!

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