Schumacher 'can't go on' predicts Damon Hill

By on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michael Schumacher

Damon Hill has tipped his former championship nemesis Michael Schumacher to soon quit formula one.

The pair fought mercilessly for titles in the mid 90s - famously clashing at the 1994 Adelaide decider - and were never friends throughout the period until Hill retired in 1999.

When the Briton last raced for Jordan, he was 39.

"By then I was too old to go on," Hill told Italy's Motorinside. "After a certain age you're no longer able to be as fast or consistent, much less able to handle the pressure.

"Michael is now 42; in my opinion it's too old to be competitive, plus he doesn't have a car for the top positions. He can't go on like this for much longer," he predicted.

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