Sauber sure C33 issues identified

By on Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Sauber F1 Team

Sauber F1 Team

Sauber has identified the issues which have plagued the C33 in 2014, according to team principal Monisha Kaltenborn.

Neither Adrian Sutil nor Esteban Gutierrez finished in Malaysia and while both drivers reached the chequered flag two weeks previously in Melbourne, they did so outside of the points.

Sauber is reportedly struggling to get the C33 down to the weight limit, but Kaltenborn is confident that matters will soon improve.

"Melbourne was important because we finished with both cars and Kuala Lumpur a disappointment because we thought that we’d developed in the right direction," Kaltenborn explained to the Official F1 Website. "It was not meant to be. Nevertheless we will follow our route, as we believe in the end we will be successful. Now we will have to go through the data to see what the cause of our struggle was.

"We certainly have to do things on the chassis side, and we also have to see to the powertrain side. We have to work on both sides. I hope it [Sauber's recovery] doesn’t take too long as we are pretty confident that we have identified where the issues are - hopefully."

Kaltenborn says that the team retains faith in Esteban Gutierrez, who has a good benchmark in the 'experienced' Adrian Sutil.

"We wanted some continuity," she said. "The drivers are coming into Formula 1 younger and younger every year, but what will always stay the same is that they need time. Nothing is going to make their learning curve quicker. And it is getting more and more of a luxury to give a driver that much time. We believe in Esteban. Yes he had a rough year in 2013, but you have to give a youngster time."

She also revealed that Sauber is anticipating fewer off-track problems in terms of financial issues, compared to last year.

"We managed last year to secure our deal with Telmex, which was an important step, and now we are taking it step by step," she said. "Not so much is visible now, but you can rest assured that a lot is going on in the background and we will hopefully be able to tell the public soon. I hope it will be an easier year than 2013 was."

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