Sainz: Eighth not reflective of Toro Rosso chassis

By on Thursday, July 9, 2015
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Carlos Sainz Jr. says that Toro Rosso's position in the Constructors' championship masks the strength of the squad's STR10 chassis.

Toro Rosso is currently in eighth place in the standings, with 19 points, but has regularly shown flashes of speed in practice and qualifying, before suffering from a lack of race pace or reliability issues.

Sainz's team-mate, Max Verstappen, suggested at last weekend's British Grand Prix that the Italian outfit has the second best chassis and the Spaniard reckons that Toro Rosso's place in the standings is not reflective of the ability of its car.

"If we don’t have the second [best chassis] then we have the third or fourth…but now we are standing eighth in the constructors but it is not the position of our chassis or our downforce," Sainz told

"It is simply that obviously we are struggling a bit with other things but I’m confident that with a better engine in the back we could be much more ahead."

Sainz believes that in certain areas Toro Rosso is competing at a comparable level with Ferrari and Williams.

"Mechanically there are two things – mechanical grip and aero grip. In terms of aero it could be that we are at the same level at Ferrari and Williams, or even a bit better than Williams and Ferrari.

"But then mechanically in slow speed stuff maybe we are a bit behind Ferrari and Williams. There are still things to work on but clearly our strongest point is really high speed corners."

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